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How to swap out your logo in your sticky header

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This tutorial is going to answer a question that I have seen tons of times across multiple Elementor community groups. And the questions is " How to a change my logo once my header becomes sticky?" .

How To Add Dark Mode To Your Elementor Powered Site.

Difficulty Rating
This javascript plugin was a gem to find. Create by Sandoche Adittane this plugin did everything I needed it to do from a developers stand point.

Preparing Your Vertical Header for Mobile.

Difficulty Rating
Evening all, This brief post is a follow up to “How to make a fixed vertical header” and “Styling your...

How To Trigger A Popup With a Menu Item

Difficulty Rating
For this tutorial I will show you how to trigger a popup via a custom menu item. The process is pretty simple and won't require to much of your time.

How To Make A Responsive Image Gallery

Difficulty Rating
For this next tutorial we are going to tackle an issue that literally drove me crazy when I first started using Elementor. I had a client that wanted a responsive image gallery that would look great on all devices.

How To Hide And Show Widgets On Click

Difficulty Rating
Earlier this week I was contacted by a user in the Elementor Facebook group who wanted to know if it was possible to hide a section of content until a button was pressed revealing what ever content they wanted.

How To Create A Logout Button

Difficulty Rating
Greetings all for this short tutorial I will show you how to create your very own logout button. This will...

Styling Your Fixed Vertical Header

Difficulty Rating
In our previous post you create your very own Fixed Vertical Header so congratulations on accomplishing that task now its time to add some widgets to wow your visitors.

How To Apply Gradients To Text

Difficulty Rating
Greetings all, for todays Elementor tutorial I am going to show you how to apply gradients to your text. The...

2 Awesome Tools For Contact Form 7

Difficulty Rating
Contact Form 7 is still one of the most used form plugins used with WordPress. For most new users Contact...

How To Make A Fixed Vertical Header

Difficulty Rating
Last Updated – 1/19/2020 **updated the CSS for the main and footer margins Greetings all. For todays tutorial I am...

How To Make Any Section Clickable

Difficulty Rating
In this tutorial I am going to show you an easy & simple way to make any section clickable without...
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